May 2021 - Aug 2022



Worked with Sales and Marketing teams to improve Go-to Market effectiveness and gain a deep understanding of customer challenges. Initiated Sales Enablement programs, conducted market research, delivered competitive web design analysis, and expanded the company’s network to a new region, resulting in improved sales productivity, lead generation, and successful strategic partnerships.

Jan 2020 - Apr 2020

Farm Business Consultants


Analyzed and evaluated yearly expenses, investments, profits, and taxes to help members of a company save money. Assisted over 150 farm and small business owners with their tax returns, made calls for verification, and achieved 95% accuracy on quality checks with constant feedback and collaboration with their team.

Sep 2018 - Aug 2019

UW Food Services


Worked at Tim Hortons, efforts concentrated towards nourishing and energizing more than 15,000 individuals by fulfilling their food and drink orders. Managed raw materials and wastage to improve order handling capacity and offered flexibility in transactions by handling cash and card payments.



Sep 2018 - Apr 2023

University of Waterloo

Honors Arts and Business - Liberal Studies major, Economics minor


Class of 2023. A program that offered wide variety from learning business fundamentals (Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Human Resources), soft skills (communication and leadership) to expressing through art, photo and video. Liberal Studies is a Social Science program which includes courses like History, Sociology, Political Science, etc. along with options to choose any electives. Economics minor stem from learning basic Macro and Micro economics.



Sep 2022 - Apr 2023

University of Waterloo Public Speaking Club


– Maximized club performance by strategically assigning roles, maintaining regular communication, and tracking engagement,resulting in heightened member satisfaction and engagement levels.
– Drove a 60% surge in event participation by strategically promoting and using graphic content, resulting in the success of 4high-impact events.
– Expanded speaking opportunities globally by integrating hybrid meeting technologies, enabling engagement from diverselocations like Halifax, Toronto, United States, and India.

May 2022 - Aug 2022

University of Waterloo Public Speaking Club


– Empowered prospective members by tailoring solutions to their public speaking goals, driving their achievements.
– Curated impactful promotional content for email and social media, resulting in heightened event engagement andparticipation.
– Enhanced response rates by promptly addressing inquiries, ensuring a 1-hour turnaround time for issue resolution.

Sep 2018 - Dec 2-18

UW Bike Centre


– Facilitated bike repairs by providing expert advice and supplying necessary tools, ensuring customer satisfaction and safety.
– Upheld fi nancial accuracy by managing cash transactions and meticulously maintaining daily statements, guaranteeing preciseaccounting records.
– Ensured prompt and meticulous customer service by responding swiftly to voicemail requests and addressing inquiries withutmost attention.