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Oct 2023 - Mar 2024



As a recent graduate stepping into the professional realm, I was eager to make my mark and prove my capabilities. Joining the team on a contract basis, I found myself in a dynamic role where every project was an opportunity to innovate and excel

I led strategic filming projects, amplifying client voices for greater resonance. This not only showcased authentic narratives but also bolstered client visibility, strengthening connections with their audience and driving engagement metrics. Additionally, I spearheaded targeted outbound campaigns to healthcare providers, small businesses, and non-profits, crafting personalized messages that significantly increased conversion rates and market influence.

Moreover, I managed existing accounts adeptly, aligning social media and video strategies with tailored solutions. This resulted in heightened client engagement, increased brand visibility, and measurable improvements in customer retention rates, directly contributing to their long-term success.

With each project and interaction, I’ve grown both personally and professionally, gaining valuable experience and expertise along the way. As I look to the future, I am excited to continue pushing boundaries, exploring new possibilities, and making a meaningful impact in the world of marketing and communications.

May 2021 - Aug 2022


Joining Turing, a talent platform for top-notch software engineers, was the opportunity I’d been seeking. In this dynamic startup, every day brought fresh challenges and exciting prospects. Acting as the liaison between Sales and Marketing, I was tasked with driving seamless collaboration and tangible results.

First, I spearheaded a Sales Enablement project. This not only elevated sales productivity but also reduced the turnover time for new Account Executives to get into sales calls. Next, I ventured into forging Strategic Partnerships, propelling Turing into uncharted territories. Through meticulous research, I delivered valuable insights into the market, prospects, and competitors. In addition, I took charge of email marketing, ensuring timely responses and converting prospects into opportunities.

This experience was a crucial step in my B2B journey. It illuminated the profound impact of strategic decisions on both clients and internal teams. At Turing, I didn’t just gain professional growth; I gained a deep understanding of the value behind every business move. Gratitude fills me for the transformative experience Turing provided.

Jan 2020 - Apr 2020


Embarking on my first professional role, I joined FBC, a tax consulting firm dedicated to helping farms and small businesses maximize tax savings. This opportunity marked a pivotal moment in my career.

Settling into the unknown territory of Winnipeg, Manitoba, I found myself amidst a dynamic team of fourteen. My role delved into the intricate realm of Canadian tax laws and policies. Each day, I carefully reviewed tax returns, ensuring accuracy before submission to the tax entity. Regular communication with team members and the tax entity itself became integral in clarifying any uncertainties.

The diligence paid off. My track record boasted near-perfect accuracy in the returns I handled. This experience illuminated the intricacies of tax deductions and how they function, offering me a profound understanding of this vital aspect of financial management.

Moreover, my stint at FBC instilled in me the essence of teamwork. I realized that every task, regardless of scale, contributes to a company’s overall growth. The experience also heightened my attention to detail and sharpened my focus, skills I carry with me to this day.

FBC not only honed my professional acumen but also instilled in me the value of every role in a thriving company. It was a foundational chapter in my journey toward holistic professional growth.

Sep 2018 - Aug 2019


Stepping into UW Food Services, overseeing all campus eateries, I found myself at a bustling Tim Hortons on campus. It was a challenge I embraced from the get-go, knowing it would demand my all.

Forewarned of the rigorous work ahead, I had the choice to step back. Instead, I seized it. From the word go, I was immersed in the whirlwind of drink and food prep, manning the counter, and ensuring a spotless workspace. The pace was frenetic during rushes, but I thrived in the chaos.

As time went by, the experience forged me. Handling multiple tasks concurrently became second nature. The necessity of maintaining a spotless workspace wasn’t just about aesthetics; it was about efficiency. A clean station facilitated swifter, more effective work.

UW Food Services, especially my stint at Tim Hortons’, taught me invaluable lessons. Beyond the skill set honed, it instilled in me a core belief: a clean workspace is a productive workspace. Multitasking, once daunting, now feels like a breeze. This experience, though intense, enriched me both professionally and personally.



Sep 2018 - Apr 2023

Honors Arts and Business - Liberal Studies major, Economics minor

In June 2018, an offer letter from the University of Waterloo beckoned me to step out of my comfort zone. Little did I know, the next five years would be a whirlwind, marked by triumphs over a global pandemic and enduring several lockdowns.

Enrolling in the Arts and Business program, I embarked on a transformative journey. The curriculum was a melting pot of technical know-how and invaluable soft skills. From Marketing to Leadership, I delved into every facet of business operations, gaining a comprehensive understanding of company dynamics.

Choosing to major in Liberal Studies was a pivotal decision. It unearthed the historical roots of Canadian businesses, while also offering insights into Sociology and cultural nuances in East Asia. This flexibility led me to discover my true passions—photography, design, videography, and more.

Beyond the books, my immersion in extracurricular activities refined my abilities. The Public Speaking club honed my communication skills, making my messages resonate interactively with audiences. Joining the Karate club pushed my physical limits and instilled a deeper sense of discipline in my daily life.

In tandem with my studies, hands-on experiences at UW Bike Centre, Food Services, FBC, and Turing crystallized theoretical knowledge into practical wisdom. Through each endeavor, I witnessed the application of classroom theories in real-world scenarios.

University of Waterloo, with its dynamic offerings, sculpted me into an individual with an open mind, primed to navigate change with precision. This journey was more than an education; it was a holistic, enriching experience that has forever shaped my outlook on life.

Sep 2022 - Apr 2023

University of Waterloo Public Speaking Club


During my time as VP of Public Relations for the club, my past club president recommended me to lead the club for two consecutive terms. This was followed by the approval of the rest of the executive members leading me to take up this role. Their faith in me was a gift I cherish.

As the club president, I was granted the canvas to wield my leadership skills. I diligently oversaw all operations, ensuring smooth functioning and fostering collaboration among the executive team. Though I retained responsibility for the promotion and social media, our emphasis on personalized engagement prompted delegation among team members.

I introduced a series of events, blending learning with enjoyment, and providing speakers a platform to grow. It was a testament to my commitment to their development.

This experience was a mirror to my leadership journey, reflecting my strengths and highlighting areas for growth. It was a lesson in understanding what’s within my control as a leader. Grateful for this opportunity, I emerged with a deeper understanding of my capabilities and a clearer vision for my path ahead.

May 2022 - Aug 2022

University of Waterloo Public Speaking Club


In 2018, I took a leap of faith and joined the club, stepping onto the stage for the first time. It was a pivotal moment, breaking free from my comfort zone. Yet, life intervened, and I had to step back from public speaking.

After nearly a year’s hiatus, I returned to the stage, fearing I might have lost my touch. To my surprise, I hadn’t. This reaffirmed my passion for public speaking. My proficiency didn’t go unnoticed, and soon I was invited to join the executive team.

As the Vice President of public Relations, I took charge of email campaigns and managed our social media platforms. Beyond the virtual world, I spearheaded offline marketing efforts—billboards, event appearances, and direct outreach. My primary focus, however, was ensuring every member felt at home and gleaned the intended learning experience from the club.

This journey profoundly impacted my communication skills. It underscored the significance of marketing, even within the realm of a club. Every effort, no matter how small, contributes to the growth and vibrancy of the community. This experience was a testament to the power of stepping up, both on stage and in leadership and finding one’s voice.

Sep 2018 - Dec 2018

UW Bike Centre


The UW Bike Centre, a hub for bike enthusiasts like me, was my first taste of a customer-facing role. Even before my stint at UW Food Services, this experience ignited my passion for helping others with their biking needs.

From bike repairs to assisting customers with tools, every day at the center was hands-on. Managing the finances honed my organizational skills, ensuring the accounts were spotless. Juggling phone calls and voicemail requests, I made sure no query went unanswered.

This role wasn’t just about bikes; it was about building confidence in communication. Facing customers day in and day out taught me the art of effective interaction. Moreover, delving deep into bike repairs enriched my understanding, benefiting my biking ventures.

The UW Bike Centre wasn’t just a stop on my professional journey; it was a transformative experience. It laid the foundation for my love of customer interaction and deepened my connection with biking. It was here that I discovered the true joy of helping others in a field I was truly passionate about.