About Me

A Cat Person

My traits can often be compared to a cat. Cats are curious creatures always wanting to explore by going and sniffing around to check whether its of a use to them. Though they move around recklessly, they know their boundaries and know where not to go and what not to do. Cats do like resting a lot by sleeping on an average of 15 hours a day but when they are active, they are at their 100%. Cats are also clear on when to spend time with people and when to spend time alone. My curiousity to learn more, love for new experiences, and ability to offer best performance supported by adequate rest can be related to the behavior of cats. 

The "Yorozuya" Model

My favorite protagnist is such a jack of all trades that he runs an odd jobs business under the name ‘Yorozuya’ which means House of 10,000 businesses in Japanese. His purpose is to help people who needs any service ranging from babysitting, painting, woodwork, walking the pets, saving hostages, fighting super villains and saving the country from political turmoil. Given my plethora of interests, my goal is to learn a variety of services to act as a all-in-one toolkit adapting to different needs. I currently help with managing social media, photography, videography, and editing but I plan to extend my skillsets to logo design, web design, U/UX, content marketing, filmmaking, and animation. This process also includes learning of the implications of Articificial Intelligence in all of the above fields in order to enhance my creatvie command over technology. My curiousity expands beyond the field of marketing and design where I’m learning Martial Arts, Volleyball, Cooking, Calisthenics and Guitar. Overall, the statement ‘The Jack of All Trades is a Master of None’ is a myth for me as I strongly believe that change, adaptation and upskilling ensures long term success.