About Me

Marketing is something that I am highly passionate about. I believe it involves storytelling for connecting products with people through relatable narratives.

To get better at this, I’ve been working on communication (both written and spoken), design, photography, and videography. It’s about mastering these skills and using the right tools.

I aim to set up something like ‘yorozuya‘, a house of ten thousand businesses adapting to various needs.

In my work, I believe in keeping a tidy workspace, listening carefully, asking questions, paying attention to details, and trying new things to grow. These philosophies enhance my productivity and clarity.

Outside of work, I enjoy martial arts, calisthenics, and playing various sports like Volleyball, Badminton, and Table Tennis. I also play the guitar and love cooking. Anime and manga are my go-to for their imaginative stories without limits.

This is my journey—learning, creating, and staying curious.