Aditya Balaji

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Hi there! I’m a multi-faceted marketer based in Toronto, Canada. I help build brand awareness by representing a brand both physically and virtually. I possess solid experience in research and analysis, customer experience, social media marketing, digital imaging, videography, and quality assurance. 

In this dynamic world, exploring new domains is my calling and I’m in pursuit of building a “Jack of all Trades” identity. This allows me to be flexible and help with anything be it content needs, design needs, building brand awareness, presenting valuable data, and more. 

Get to know more about me professionally, and personally, and let’s connect and collaborate on exciting opportunities!

What I do

Brand ambassador

With a strong customer-first mindset, I can represent your brand by establishing new connections and offering them a highly personalized and inspiring brand experience.


I help companies build a comprehensive social media strategy to increase brand visibility, through creating engaging content and analyzing customer behavior.


I make creative stories and bring them to life through the lenses supported by appropriate editing techniques giving viewers a pleasing experience.


I create visually appealing company assets like logos, landing pages, press kits, brochures, PowerPoint, and posters, to connect with the audience and emphasize a brand's stature.

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