Intro- Shoutout to Austin Kleon

A warm greeting to all the readers. After all the contemplation, hesitation, and nervousness, I welcome you to the personal corner of my internet. This journey owes its existence to one man: Austin Kleon. 

He is renowned for his book ‘Steal Like an Artist,’ which delves into the potential of generating ideas from the world around us, whether it be movies, shows, books, or the moments unfolding before our eyes. Currently, I’m immersed in ‘Show Your Work,’ a source of inspiration that explores the art of self-promotion. 

As an aspiring creator, I yearned for attention and feedback on every piece of content I shared online, whether it was a photograph, a video, or even fan edits. Yet, amidst the sea of “goods,” “greats,” “awesomes,” and some likes, genuine critique was a rare gem, leaving me questioning whether I was on the right path.

And so, here we are, embarking on a new chapter of my creative journey. This blog will serve as a space not only to showcase my creations but also to share the fragments of life that shape them: the places I explore, the content I consume, and the thoughts that occupy my mind. 

My mission is to cultivate a tight-knit community of creatives, to embark on journeys of exploration, and to engage in lively discussions. Here, there’s no absolute right or wrong; we all bring diverse experiences to the table. I’ll be sharing mine and eagerly anticipate getting to know yours.

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