I fulfilled one of my dreams

In a recent interview, Michael Hussey, one of my favorite cricketers, shared a profound analogy: “If you’re trying to catch a butterfly deliberately, it’s hard, but sometimes if you turn your attention to other things and enjoy life, a butterfly might come and sit on your shoulder.” I was able to connect this statement with a recent experience of mine, which I had dreamt for the past 5 years.

Back in 2019, during my undergraduate years, I stumbled upon the world of planespotting. The allure of watching planes take off, land, and taxi around airports fascinated me, leading me to explore this newfound hobby during a trip to Toronto. As I delved deeper, I discovered a perfect spot for aviation enthusiasts: an ‘In and Out Burger’ outlet near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). With 8 Airbus A380s in a single day, which is the world’s largest commercial aircraft, visiting this place became a dream to experience firsthand. Only a few airports around the world have more than 5 A380s in one day.

Fast forward to 2024, life had taken its twists and turns. Graduation, job searches, and the chaos of everyday existence had momentarily overshadowed my passion for planespotting. However, fate had other plans. A family trip to the US, initially intended for a brief visit to my parents in San Francisco, expanded into a grand adventure encompassing Los Angeles. Amidst the whirlwind of planning, I rediscovered my long-dormant dream and made a solemn vow to dedicate a day to visit the iconic spot near LAX. I remember throughout the trip saying this to my family ‘feel free to change any of the plans we made but do not touch this’.

Armed with a flight tracker and a heart full of anticipation, I meticulously planned my day, aiming to witness the arrival of six out of eight A380s, as the other two land early in the morning. The excitement bubbled within me as we journeyed towards our destination, despite the inevitable hurdles of traffic and a brisk walk from the bus station.

Finally, the moment arrived. Standing amidst a throng of fellow enthusiasts, I felt a surge of adrenaline as the first aircraft, a Lufthansa Boeing 747, approached for landing. The sheer magnitude of the moment overwhelmed me, surpassing any expectations set by videos or photographs.

As the afternoon sun reached its peak, the airport came alive with the arrival of the superjumbos, nickname for A380. From Emirates to Korean Air, I marveled at the diversity of airlines and aircraft, capturing every moment with my camera and etching it into memory.

Yet, just as the day seemed destined for perfection, nature intervened. A blanket of fog unexpectedly descended upon the airport, shrouding the final moments of my dream in uncertainty. I was waiting for the final A380, British Airways coming from London. Disheartened but undeterred, I refused to give up hope, clinging to the faint echoes of an aircraft in the distance. Despite the sound I heard, the aircraft was not in sight leaving me confused on what happened. 

Time and tide waits for none and it was time for us to return. In a stroke of serendipity, amidst the chaos of missed opportunities and dashed expectations, I experienced a moment of pure joy. The flight initially was not able to land due to the fog and went for a go-around. A second chance presented itself as the British Airways A380 attempted another landing, giving me a second chance to fulfillment. 

Reflecting on this day, I understood that sometimes, the most precious moments in life come when we least expect them. In the end it is all about how badly we want something to happen, and focus on what we can control. I resonated with Hussey’s words the most and took it to my heart to apply this on the other aspects of my life. I was just an individual passionate about flights and everything that happened above was just like a butterfly coming and sitting on my shoulders. 

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